Maria Myasnikova (b. 1997) is a Russian born artist who lives and works in Milan. She received a diploma in Fine Art at Pokrov Art School in Moscow in 2011, and in 2015 began her studies at City and Guilds of London Art School, where she has received a BA in Fine Art in 2018. Maria works in mixed media, creating three-dimensional artworks which focus on geometrical abstraction and colour perception. Her artwork is included in private collections in Italy, Russia, UK and USA.


Artist Statement

My artwork revolves around the exploration of colour and geometric form. My Abstract Sculptural Assemblages are formal constructions made with easily obtained materials, adhering loosely to a set of self-imposed rules which limit the palette and dictate the arrangement and relational harmony of their elements.

The works often reference the principles of Modernism- in particular, Malevich’s notion of pure perception and Josef Albers belief in colour being primary to the works’ form as well as his principles of colour interaction. Each composition contains three colours- the colour of the background and the two colours used on the details; all three complement each other. The first element I put into each Assemblage is a vertical, which simultaneously challenges the boundaries of the frame as it emerges, creating a sense of movement and splitting the surface into additional forms. I use a variety of materials, often incorporating found objects (made from wood, plastic, metal, polyester, perspex, etc.) exploring their physical possibilities and examining the formal contrasts they create (i.e. hard-edged vs soft-edged, matt vs shiny, transparent vs opaque).

The work manifests itself through instinctive improvised arrangements: I have a range of materials cut in different geometric shapes laid out in front of me, and I place them onto the surface of the board, I move them around, add to them and subtract until I feel that the composition has reached a point of harmony.



  • City and Guilds of London Art School, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2018
  • Pokrov Art School, Diploma, 2011



  •  2018     Cluster Crafts, The Old Truman Brewery, London                                                          
  • 2018     Degree show, City and Guilds of London Art School, London                                 
  • 2017     Maidstone International Art Festival, Maidstone Mall, Maidstone
  • 2017     Interim Show, Crypt Gallery, London
  • 2016     Baltic Art Form, St Sepulchre’s Church, London
  • 2016     Interim Show, Diorama Arts Centre, London